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Dani Woolf and Chris Roberts are flipping the script on the worst marketing & sales messages in cybersecurity - once and for all.

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Victim of a crappy marketing or sales message?

Quickly and easily submit an ineffective email, social media post, website landing page, event message, or digital ad to 📧 will provide an alternative and better approach live on the show.

The Backstory

When Dani Woolf launched Audience 1st Podcast, she knew it would help cybersecurity marketers and sellers understand buyer motivations, needs, and challenges so that we can more efficiently help out those battling threats do their jobs just a little bit better.Little did she know that it would open the floodgates to regular emails and LinkedIn messages coming to her from disgruntled security practitioners.The amount of poor marketing and sales messages they send her is overwhelming.

It got her thinking:

How can she provide security professionals a safe space to flag ineffective emails, social media posts, website landing pages, event messages, or even digital ads?More importantly:How can marketers and sellers engage with cybersecurity practitioners more meaningfully and authentically?There are clear examples of what not to do.But, what are the alternatives?How should go-to-market teams engage with security buyers and executives?So, she created a destination for cybersecurity professionals who are targeted by vendors to submit the worst marketing and sales messages they’ve seen and is teaming up with Chris Roberts to expose them for the better.Welcome to WTF Did I Just Read? - Tech Sales and Marketing Edition.

Why is this important for the cybersecurity industry?

It’s not enough for buyers to bitch about what isn’t working, right?That isn’t fair to you.We need to understand the alternative.We need to fix the problem.

How will this podcast help marketers and sellers?

You’ll learn effective methods to outreach high-consideration cybersecurity buyers.You’ll be able to more authentically build real relationships with cybersecurity buyers that will boost your long-term career.You’ll improve your (and your company’s) reputation as a marketer or a salesperson.

What can you expect in the podcast?

1. Chris and Dani will read a poor marketing or sales message submitted to WTF Did I Just Read
2. They will tear it down and uncover what doesn't work
3. They will build it back up to provide an alternative approach that does work
4. They will open up the floor for you, the audience, to ask questions, validate your message, or get advice on how to connect with security buyers.

When can you expect Chris and Dani?

Every week. Unless sh*t hits the fan for Dani or Chris. Though they hope it doesn't!

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